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Austance Caroline

Austance may be a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist, but her mind resides in a place not yet discovered. She prides herself in telling stories that haven't been told through different artistic mediums including mixed media, clothing design and set design.

Finding beauty in the mundane is her daily inspiration and exhibiting that beauty to the rest of the world is her passion. Welcome to the random corners of her mind...


Conrad Clifton

Conrad Clifton is a Brooklyn-based photographer, music producer, DJ and educator. His second book, Act Like I’m Not Here was recently launched as a collaboration with Maison Kitsuné Paris.

Featuring street scenes, portraits and abstract works, this exhibition displays unobserved moments and people, taken for granted in everyday life. The title is a play on words, something a photographer might say to give their subject comfort, but also a statement that says, “I won’t disappear, just because you act like I’m not here”.

As a person of color, familiar with being overlooked and underrepresented, he strives to show Black and Brown people in a confident light and to challenge the viewer to experience layers of meaning beneath the surface.


Lea Wülferth

Lea Wülferth is a Brooklyn-based artist, exploring themes of freedom, identity, and truth(s) on a personal and socio-political level across different media.

Elsewhere / Elsewhen (originated at the Brooklyn Museum) explores the relativity of time and space and how we carry places around with us through memory, thoughts, and dreams, and are often elsewhere and “elsewhen” than our physical body’s placement.

Playing with this concept, familiar places and dream apparitions turn into new visions, into places we’ve never actually been. Both unnatural and true.




Fri May 20 - 5pm-11pm

Sat May 21 - 12-8pm 

Sun May 22 - 10-12pm

Outlook Hazy will be open to the public May 20 - 22, 2022, and is a reflection on the uncertain times that surround us.
This show is made possible by:
Adrian Letechipia
Executive Producer & Curator

Sam Hamway
Principal, Roulston House

94 9th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11215
Studio #222 — Roulston House, Gowanus, NYC

The nearest subway stations are the F/G at Smith St & 9th St or the R at 4th Ave and 9th St.


Director of Photography Arthur Woo will be exhibiting a new experimental short film project “Layers”, featuring Conrad Clifton, in collaboration with Tiger Ji, Austance Caroline, and Pearls Daily Studios.


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